Beginning the Paperwork Process for Induction

Before you begin anything for OUSD Induction, you must log-in to the OUSD Dashboard and open Google.


By clicking the link to the left, you will be taken to the homepage for our district where you can log-in and have access to many district resources!

Induction and Google

All of the work you do throughout your time in OUSD Induction will be completed using Google Drive. Any questions you may have about HOW to complete your work can be accessed by clicking the "Need help with Google?" icon in the upper right hand corner of this page. 

Should something come up that you cannot find the answer to within the directions above, please contact our office so we can guide you to an answer! We are here to help!

“Google Logo” by Bhupinder Nayyar is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Need help with Google? Click here: