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Please use these resources to help you become familiar with OUSD.
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Orange Unified School District Office: Campus Map

Teacher Support



As a teacher, you will use Aeries to look up student data, as well as report absences and record grades. Practicing with the many features of Aeries will be helpful so that you become familiar with the necessary steps to find what you need. Please click the link below to access "how to" information for Aeries!

Assessment Calendars

Each year, OUSD teachers are expected to follow a schedule for benchmark assessments. Click the links below for information regarding each of these assessments.

TK-6 Subject Area Time Allotments

OUSD's School Board is committed to preserving the integrity of the instructional time allocated for the instruction of the students within the district. The Board further believes that the amount of instructional time is directly related to academic achievement. The link below provides you with the minute allocations for each subject area for grades TK-6. 

Orange Unified Education Association (OUEA)

Orange Unified Education Association's (OUEA) mission is to implement an Association program that provides the best possible conditions of educational service, that maintains a contract on behalf of our members, and to further enhance the educational program of the District for its students and staff. The union office is located at 1224 E. Katella in Orange.

Special Programs

Special Programs is the office that oversees a variety of programs throughout the district. The home base is BUILDING G at 1401 N. Handy, but other support staff is located at various sites throughout the district. Among MANY others, Special Programs oversees English Learner Services and Learning Support Services. Click the link below to see a complete list of contact information and programs for this department.

Career in Technical Education (CTE)

Located at 1401 N. Handy,  the CTE  office provides opportunities for students through OUSD's Pathways Program. This program allows students to explore many different career opportunities, and helps students to prepare for their futures. The links below will provide you with contact information for the CTE office, as well as the many Pathway opportunities OUSD provides:

Special Education 

OUSD's Special Education Department provides a myriad of services for our students, and can be located in Building C at 1401 N. Handy. Please click the link below for the names and extensions of the staff members throughout the district that are here to support you! 

Technology Services

OUSD's Technology Services provides assistance in many capacities, and can be located at 1401 N. Handy, Building I. Some of the areas include: Educational Technology, Student Assessment, Information Technology, and Network & Systems. Click the link below to find staff contact information for Technology Services.

Educational Services

Educational Services encompasses all of the departments that are part of making sure OUSD's educational programs run smoothly. The link below provides you with the names of the employees within each department that are responsible for program oversight. Each department can be found throughout the Orange Unified School District Office campus at 1401 N. Handy.



Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides you with any answers to questions you may have regarding your employment. Among other things, you can find out about salary, credentialing, and substitutes in this office. They are located in BUILDING A at 1401 N. Handy. The link below will provide you with the names and contact information for the specific person that will be able to answer your employment-related questions:


Payroll is located at 1401 N Handy in Building E. Staff members can help you answer any questions about your paycheck, setting up automatic deposit with your bank, and more. Please be sure to register with OCDE Employee Information System (EIS) so that you have access to important tax documents and old paycheck documentation. Click the links below for some important information regarding this department: 

Risk Management

Risk Management is located in Building F at 1401 N. Handy, and encompasses a variety of insurance needs for the district and its employees. Employee health benefits, Workers' Compensation, Property, and Liability insurances are included in the types of insurance needs. Go here if and when you have questions about any of your insurance options. The link below will provide you with information about Risk Management's Open Enrollment Open House (you can learn more about insurance options here):

Business Services

Business Services is the department in Orange Unified that handles all of the behind-the-scenes work that is necessary for our district to function smoothly. Some of these departments include: Purchasing, Nutrition Services, Transportation, Finance, and Risk Management. Business Services ca be found at 1401 N. Handy, Building D. Please click the link below for the names of Business Services staff members.

Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations

Please click the link below to find reminders about how to best conserve energy throughout the distrct!

Mail Room, Purchasing, Print Shop, & Security Departments

Located at 726 W. Collins, staff members that help OUSD with mail, purchasing, printing and security are busy with the "behind the scenes" work necessary to keep our district functioning smoothly! The link below will provide you with information about these various departments:

Student Support


Student & Community Services

The office of Student & Community Services in OUSD is responsible for overseeing all assistance provided to our students. Some of these services include: facilities use, truancy intervention, school activities, public safety, etc. 

Nutrition Services

Located at 726 W. Collins, Nutrition Services organizes and prepares meals for the students of Orange Unified. To find out meal prices, and the options available through this department, click the link below:

Transportation Services

Located at 726 W. Collins, Transportation Services provides busing for the students in OUSD. Click the link below for information about Transportation Services:

Alternative Education

Located at 250 S. Yorba St, the Alternative Education Office provides information about some of the other programs offered through OUSD. Some of these programs include: home schooling, Home Hospice, Workability, and many more. The link below will provide you with the names and contact information for the specific person that will be able to answer your questions about Orange Unified's Alternative Education programming.